BAROMA is located in the heart of Metropolitan Cape Town, Western Cape. Baroma provides a comprehensive diversity of services dedicated to Quality, Guaranteed Workmanship and excellent Value for Money.
The directors of Baroma, all originating from Mitchell's Plain, all worked for various companies over the years. It is this common bond established that made us decide to go on our own.
Our humble beginning, in Mitchell's Plain, in a garage owned by one of the directors was in May 2001. Here we started off by doing plumbing, painting, carpentry, building maintenance, the odd burglar bar and gate, etc.
We soon realized that this was a cut - throat business and then decided to rigorously market the company by drawing on our previous contacts in the engineering game. This soon paid off and the garage rapidly became too small.
In November of that same year, we were compelled to move to a unit in Athlone Industria. The need arose, after a few months, to divide the company into a maintenance section and a structural steel department with the emphasis on maintenance being the priority. After a period of 2 years, maintenance has now taken a backseat with the emphasis on structural steel manufacturing and erection, which compelled Baroma once again to move as the premises became too small.
After a period of 4 years, Baroma is, at present, utilizing a workshop of 965 m2, with a current workforce of 17 persons.
In 2004 Baroma initiated a learnership programme in conjunction with the MERSETA, training future artisans and employing 11 facilitators.
Our ultimate vision is to live up to our mission statement on our own premises and operating under one roof.
The quality program at BAROMA is designed with the goal of achieving total customer satisfaction. It is the policy of BAROMA to constantly provide services that meet or exceed our customer's requirements and to deliver on time, every time, at a competitive market related price. Also to continuously monitor and revise our maintenance / manufacturing processes in order to improve our services.

Baroma's exceptional strength lies in the Managing members, collectively having 84 years of experience ranging from plumbing, carpentry, mechanical fitting, machine building and maintenance to boilermaking, structural fabrication/ erection and professional supervision.Coupled to the use of an estimator with 22 years of experience, we WILL provide customers with the best possible solutions, minimizing first off risks and adverse costs.

Mission Statement
The provision of exceptional solutions
in the manufacturing of value-added engineered products to client’s particular needs par excellence.
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